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When there is disharmony amongst your team it can affect everyone. This can make you feel really stressed out.

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Our Reviews


I had the pleasure of working with Kelly as our HR Manager (contractor) for 4 years from 2015 through to 2019. 

Kelly was instrumental in the development and implementation of a manager development program focussed on our business’s core four attributes of people, safety, sales and operational leadership, as well as in introducing the Dale Carnegie program for all managers and team leaders.  Both of these programmes vastly improved capability, performance, communication and accountability across the business. 


For the team – Kelly is trusted, easy to deal with, professional and knowledgeable, approachable, caring, empathetic and confidential.  She is very good at supporting managers with issues in a coaching manner rather than doing it for them.

In support of myself as the Managing Director – Kelly was my trusted advisor, coach and confidant on multiple levels.  Easy to work with, she doesn’t waste time getting caught up in office ‘noise’ and always produced quality work on time.  She provided great thought leadership on many aspects of the business, personnel and opportunities for improvement.

Kelly worked continuously to remain current with employment law and market trends, and then apply those to the business to good effect.   She worked as a highly effective part of the Leadership Team, notably her collaborative approach to effecting change and performance improvement with the team.

She provided excellent support through a change in ownership and subsequent restructure in 2016, especially regarding role changes and a reduction in staff numbers; all done professionally, with dignity and in a compliant manner.

She forged excellent working relationships with key service providers including employment lawyers, recruiters and our payroll provider. Kelly successfully implemented a new outsourced payroll system in 2018 transitioning from MYOB to Datacom. During her time with us she also vastly improved systems and supporting documentation including a full review and updating of applicable policies.

Overall, Kelly is a highly effective, experienced and proven HR professional that is capable of working across multiple sized businesses and markets.  I would readily engage her again for a similar role and for specialist project work.

Mike Toxopeus - Cookes