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Employment Relations

Your business will ultimately set out to create a positive work environment with happy, loyal and engaged employees.    Managing a team can be challenging and difficult and sometimes things go wrong. 

Issues can include both performance and misconduct.  Both can have a negative effect on your business’s performance and bottom line.  We can help you to manage any problems that arise in the employment relationship with practical, tailored advice, support and documentation.

Policies & Procedures

Clear policies and procedures ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them.  We can review all of your current policies, procedures and agreements and make recommendations for change to existing documents and implementation of any missing ones if necessary. 

We will support you through the process of introducing any new or amended documentation, this would include communication, training and follow up with the team.

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Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding

Finding the right people for the right roles is crucial to business success.  We can assist by running the full recruitment process for you, from assisting with the position description, writing the advert, placing the add, screening and shortlisting the candidates for you.  We can also assist with interviews, reference checking and other background checks.

The induction process offers the best opportunity to help your new employee more quickly integrate into their new work environment.  It ensures your business’s mission, goals, values, practices, policies and their role are communicated from the ‘get go’. We can assist with tailoring induction and onboarding checklists to ensure your new employees introduction to the business is successful.

Succession & Talent Management

Succession planning helps you to identify and develop future leaders – at all levels.  It ensures that you are prepared for all eventualities should someone resign, retire, are dismissed or get sick. Part of successfully planning for the future is having a pool of trained and developed employees ready to step into critical roles.   

Talent management goes hand in hand with succession planning as this enables your business to identify talented employees and provide professional and personal development to prepare them for future higher-level roles and broader responsibilities.

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Change Management

Businesses need the right people in the right roles to meet the needs of the business. It may be that you need to structure your team in a different way. 

We can assist with a review of your current organisation structure to ensure it is fit for purpose.  We can provide advice, the right documents and processes you will need to deal with any restructure or redundancy process.

Training, Development & Coaching

Businesses need to ensure that they strengthen the skills of their employees so that they can reach their full potential.  This can be done through in-house courses, external training and coaching. 

We can assist you by identifying gaps and recommending training and development courses that suit.  We can also assist with coaching sessions in areas such as dealing with performance issues, managing a difficult employee or dealing with absenteeism.   This can be done 1:1 or in a group (i.e Managers Workshops)